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MicroStrategy Links Feature – Hold Off

By on October 18, 2010 in Tips, Tricks and Technology with 0 Comments

MicroStrategy has a feature called Links that allow you to hyperlink to another report or dashboard from the attributes or metrics on a given report.  This is a powerful feature that enhances the guided analysis experience for users and works very well.

MicroStrategy Link Interface

Why recommend waiting to implement this feature?

Because it has one limiting flaw.  These MicroStrategy links are not searchable.  They are currently embedded in each report definition and not stored as their own object type in the metadata.  Nor are they flagged as a property of the report.  This means that there is no way of identifying which reports contain links once developed.  In the case of one or two reports, this wouldn’t be an issue.  In wide deployment, this will be an administrative nightmare.  Over time users will copy, modify and rename reports for their own use.  Later you’ll need to modify a link you’ve deployed on your reports.  Which ones were they exactly?  How many reports are now in various MyReports folders or shared work areas that contain the Links?  Searching is not an option.  Your only choice – open or run  each and every report and check every template object for a Link.

This is hardly realistic.  Until these links are metadata objects and are fully integrated into the Desktop search functionality, save yourself the administrative headache and hold off on using the feature.


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